During the phylloxera invasion (a tiny insect that almost completely destroyed the wine industry in Western Europe at the end of the XIX century), samples of the best grape breeds were transported and planted in some of the most cleanest and safest places on the planet. One of these places was "Askania-Nova" reserve. There remained the gold fund of the best grape varieties, including merlot, cabernet, chardonnay and muscat.

Firstly, it is the ground on which the vineyard is located, including all the factors important for winemakers: the type and composition of the soil; the number, thickness and levels of layers; nutrient content; the ability to absorb and release moisture, warm, reflect sunlight, etc.
Secondly, it is the climate: average and peak values of air temperature and humidity, rainfall amount, availability of fog, photoperiod, etc.
And, finally, it is the vineyard location and its environment: the altitude, the slope of the vineyard to the sun (the so called explication, which means those known "southern slopes" and "western slopes"), the proximity of forests and ponds.

In 1889, the colonists Julius Mayer, Louis Gehler and Jean Jatone obtained 1000 hectares of vineyards in the province of Kherson. These vineyards included 100 arpents (100 hectares) located at the border with the biosphere reserve "Askania-Nova." This reserve was founded by landowner Friedrich Faltz-Fein in the years 1887-1889 and was named one of Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine.
The "Askania-Nova" reserve is the world-class ecological jewel. It is the oldest wild steppe in the world, where hundreds of plant breeds, animals and birds, many of which are listed as endangered, are preserved due to the unique purity of this region. It the unique Chapil wetland, registered on the International list of Ramsar Convention, which is a huge natural ravine where meltwater is collected. These are the eco-wines "Askania" made of pure grape.
Under such circumstances, the grapes ripen earlier, accumulate more sugar and have low acidity, which creates perfect conditions for wine maturation with a delicate impeccable taste.

– is a drink created from grapes grown in ecologically clean environment, attended in a special way - without using harmful chemicals. Thus the most natural exquisite taste of varietal grapes is preserved. Eco-wine means "Askania".

For that the experts of "Askania" use a unique method of drip irrigation: special tubes are connected to the roots of each plant which allows water income. The same method is used in Israel for growing flowery gardens in a rocky desert. The first harvests impressed specialists much. It appeared that in addition to favorable climate and fertile soil, the unique aquatic ecosystem "Askania" also makes great influence on the taste of grapes which are grown in this area. On the territory of "Askania Nova" is situated the Great Chapil wetland, which is a unique terrain depression (actually, it is a huge natural ravine, periodically filled with melt water) with an area of 4x6 km. It registered on the International list of Ramsar Convention about protection of wetlands.

Just one year after "Askania" wines appeared in Ukraine they were named as brand of the year. The combination of delicate exquisite taste, cleaner production, and the skill of winemakers technology has received well-deserved recognition of the Ukrainian manufacturer.

«Askania Legends of Tavria»

The classic dry white wine produced from the following grape varieties riesling, rkatsiteli and a mix of European varieties, collected in a unique area of viticulture.
Wine strikes harmoniously surveying freshness. It has a balanced flavor with soft florals.
Ideal with white meat, fish and fruit.
The alcohol content - 9,0-14,0% by volume.
Volume - 0.75 liters
Expiry date - 12 months

«Askania Chardonnay»

Elegant semi-sweet white wine made from Chardonnay grapes harvested in the unique wine growing area. The wine will impress you with a delicate floral aroma with light notes of juicy fruit. Its great taste with a touch of honey stored surprising finish. The ideal companion of white meat, fish and seafood.
The alcohol content - 9,0-13,0% by volume.
Sugar content - 3- 5% by weight.
Volume - 0.75 liters
Expiry date - 12 months

«Askania Muscat Tavria»

The elegant, white, semi-sweet wine made from muscat grape varieties collected in the unique wine growing area. The wine will surprise you with delicate, floral aroma. It has a wonderful flavor with notes of honey. Ideal companion of desserts and fruit.
The alcohol content - 9,0-13,0% by volume.
Sugar content - 3- 5% by weight.
Volume - 0.75 liters
Expiry date - 12 months

«Askania Cabernet»

The classic dry red wine created from grapes of Cabernet collected in the unique wine growing area. Wine conquers you by its rich aroma of berries and ripe fruit. Wide and smooth taste with hints of black currant and cherry followed by a long afterglow. Ideal with red meats, fragrant cheeses and dark chocolate.
The alcohol content - 9,5-14,0% by volume.
Volume - 0.75 liters
Expiry date - 12 months

«Askania Merlot»

Exquisite semi-sweet red wine made from Merlot grapes harvested in the unique wine growing area. Different saturated ruby color. A balanced, moderately sweet with a slight tartness taste this wine leaves a pleasant feel and a long finish. Perfectly complements grilled red meat and poultry, sharp cheeses, chocolate and sweet fruits.
The alcohol content - 9,0-13,0% by volume.
Sugar content - 3- 5% by weight.
Volume - 0.75 liters
Expiry date - 12 months

«Askania Ukrainian Cahors»

Cahors - ancient wine of Holy Communion, an integral part of a festive meal, healthy nectar which gave strength and inspiration for the work and love of many generations of our ancestors.
Cahors Ukrainian Askania - Environmental Askaniyskoy organic wine terroir - made of high-end Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi, using thermal treatment of pulp.
The alcohol content - 16.0% by vol.
Sugar content - 16% by weight.
Volume - 0.75 liters
Expiry date - 12 months

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